MaasMUN 2019

"Uniting and empowering youth for international peace, development, and a sustainable Future"

Welcome to the official MaasMUN website!

It is our pleasure to invite you to the first ever MUN conference at UWC Maastricht. MaasMUN 2020 will be held from Friday 13th of March until Sunday 15th March, 2020. The conference will be aimed at delegates between the ages of 12 and 18.

For one weekend, students from all over the globe have the opportunity to become diplomats. As a Model United Nations conference, it is our vision that delegates who attend leave with a fresh perspective on the world. Our conference mission is: ‘Uniting and empowering youth for international peace, development, and a sustainable future’. Participants will be able to discuss and debate the world’s most prevalent problems; preparing them for their role in catalysing change to help shape the future.

It is a great privilege for us to be able to represent the UWC at our conference. The UWC is a movement resulting from the will of a number of people in the 1960s, who aimed to make education a force that would unite people from different cultures and nationalities, for a “peaceful and sustainable future”. This conference is unique in the fact that it is backed by an international movement of education, and a perfect embodiment of the UWC goals. Maastricht is one of the most inviting and warm cities of the Netherlands. A small and international community at the centre of Europe, near three land borders, will provide the ideal backdrop for our conference to achieve the UWC and MaasMUN mission statements.

The theme for MaasMUN 2019 is “Advancing sustainable change: The complexities of international cooperation and collaboration”. Encompassing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, the theme aims to refresh the idea of sustainable change, while also encouraging a fresh outlook. Heeding the words of UN Secretary General António Guterres: “We live in times of multiple, evolving and mutually-reinforcing shifts. These dynamics of political, demographic, climatic, technological, social, and economic nature, enhances threats and opportunities on an unprecedented scale”. Therefore, we hope that attendants of our conference are reminded of the exponential complexity of our real world. Our conference strives to educate and inform delegates while also providing them with experience in important skills. This, in turn, will prepare those young adults for that complex future.

We are looking forward to hosting you here in the fine city of Maastricht come June for a valuable and memorable conference!

Yours Sincerely,

Casper Orens

Secretary general and MaasMUN Coordinator