Community Hosting and Hotel Housing

The MaasMUN team is privileged that our current UWCM students’ families are willing to house some of the delegates for no additional charge. Breakfast and dinner will be at the discretion of the host family. We assure parents and directors that their delegates are safe and their needs will be satisfied. We will support all delegations in need as much as possible, but be aware that we have a limited amount of hosting. Applications for community housing will be opened in the second mailing, and more information will be revealed at that time. Due to our limited amount, apply as soon as possible.

We will also be linking a small number of hotels in different price ranges to our conference. At the moment we are communicating with these hotels to find you the best prices, possibly with a discount. If your preferred form of housing is a hotel/hostel, we will thus put you in contact with these local services.

It is of course also possible for you to arrange your housing independently.