"The welcoming city of Maastricht"

Maastricht is a beautiful, lively and cosy city in the south of Netherlands situated on the tri-state area between the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. With its historical buildings, amazing tunnel-caves, student-friendly streets and cafes, restaurants near the Maas river, and green parks viewing the historical and amazing architecture... Besides, Maastricht is one of the very old cities in Netherlands demonstrated by the gothic style of the buildings.

Maastricht is also distinguished with its medieval architecture and vibrant cultural scene; hosting ancient churches, interesting city walls, monumental merchant houses and long bridges where you can take an aesthetic and amazing photo with your friends on the magnificient river Maas.

There are dozens of entertaining things to do and great places to see, but at least spend some time in the scenic city park which is also called "Riverfront Park". It is also situated near Maastricht University, showing the town deep rooted student life. You can walk through the paths of the public and popular city park, while enjoying the relaxing nature around you. It is a great place to relax at any time and also, it is only 1 minute away from the city centre.

While you are on this side of Maastricht and if you are hungry, you can find a variety of restaurants in the city centre that you can choose from according to your tastes and/or diet. By the way, don't forget to taste the popular waffle of Maastricht which you can buy from stores such as Pinky!

On this side of the bridge, you can find many shops and stores as well as the popular bookstore of Maastricht which we advise you to visit. It is called "Boekhandel Dominicanen". This bookstore is a very different story compared to the typical and usual ones. It is transformed from an old church cathedral into a stunning space stacked with books! Also there is "Coffee Lovers' Shop" inside and outside the bookstore, where you can sit and eat a slice of cake while drinking coffee.

On the other side of the bridge, there is also a smaller city centre which is called "Centre Céramique" which provides an empty area for people to sit or spend time. There is a big supermarket which is called Albert Heijn. Next to Albert Heijn, there is also a coffee shop which is a really good destination point especially in the sunny days. Here you can find many kind of teas and coffee; the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus; and of course snacks.

There is one last place here which is called "Cafe Zuid" - this is an area with a park and cafe's where you can once again relax and enjoy the peaceful environment surrounded by the Maas river.